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Bar-height Mahogany Chiavari Chairs

Category: Chairs

Bar-height chiavari chairs are great in event spaces to provide people a place to congregate. Especially during cocktail hour or your reception if your guests want to rest their feet. Our chiavari chair rentals for weddings and business events are narrow, so they can be used to fit a lot of people around a table. These chairs are a rich reddish-brown, perfect for traditional themes. Many different accent colors go well with mahogany. The chairs have nylon glides so they don’t scratch the flooring. They are made from real wood to ensure stability. They can be paired with cushions in white, black or ivory for free if you’d like.

  • Rich reddish-brown mahogany color
  • Traditional and warm aesthetic
  • Pairs well with many colors
  • Perfect for cocktail hour
  • Great for guests to congregate around
  • Nylon glides to not scratch the flooring
  • Narrow footprint to accommodate many
  • Made of real wood for stability
  • Can be paired with chair pads – black, white or ivory (included)


Our goal at Tampa Events is to help your vision for your special day come to life. When it comes to the event space, our event rental experts can help lighten your load by not just delivering the rentals, but also setting them up to exactly how you want them.

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